Norway’s TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK Pays Tribute To Fallen CRIMSON GLORY Singer

Trond Nicolaisen, manager and co-songwriter of the Norwegian metal project TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK, has issued the following update:

“Late 2008/early 2009 we recorded ‘Red Sharks’ for an upcoming CRIMSON GLORY tribute album called ‘The Revenge Of Azrael’. We were asked to contribute with a track by metal maniac Lon Patello, a longtime friend of our singer Ski [Norman Kiersnowski] and also founder of the true/power metal label Metallic Arch Angel Records.

‘The Revenge Of Azrael’ has been in the works for many years, but it will hopefully see the light of day sometime soon. Bands that are expected to appear on the CD include: CYCLOPHONIA (Norway), INNOSENSE (Greece), GRAVEN IMAGE (USA), ANARCHY X (Italy), ETERNAL WINTER (USA), FATES PROPHECY (Brazil) and HELD UNDER (USA).

“To create a buzz around the release, I asked our guitarist, Øystein K. Hanssen, if he could write a very special tribute song for [late CRIMSON GLORY singer] Midnight. Øystein loved the challenge and he took what he considered to be the essence of their albums ‘Crimson Glory’ and ‘Transcendence’ — the musical grandeur and utter lyrical madness — and created a brand new song in that spirit. He tried his very best NOT to rip off any previously existing material.

‘Behind These Walls’ is a big production song featuring seven different singers, including Todd La Torre (CRIMSON GLORY). The other singers scheduled to appear on the track are Ida Haukland (TRIOSPHERE), Vasilis Georgiou (INNOSENSE, SUNBURST), Norman ‘Ski’ Kiersnowski (ex-DEADLY BLESSING, TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK), Mike Gorham (TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK), Kai-Joar Kristensen and Andreas Angell (CYCLOPHONIA).

“Drums for the song were laid down a few weeks ago in Trondheim Studio by Andreas Nergård. Guitars and bass will be recorded over the next few weeks in Murphy’s Cube Studio by Øystein K. Hanssen and Kristian K. Hanssen (CYCLOPHONIA). There will be uploaded some footage from the recording sessions at, so stay tuned!”

TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK‘s long-awaited debut album, “34613”, will arrive later this year. The CD features guest appearances by such world-class singers as Michael Kiske (HELLOWEEN) and Graham Bonnet (ALCATRAZZ, RAINBOW, MSG).