Norwegian Black Metallers 1349 Team Up With Anti Denim To Release Custom Jeans

Norwegian black metallers 1349 have worked with Anti Denim designer Karoline Bakken Lund to create exclusive handmade denim jeans as part of the Custom Made collection. The jeans are available through Anti Denim‘s online store, where every denim ordered will be made the exact way it was made. The jeans are sold numbered and each comes with a signed autograph from 1349. Prices start at 4666 NOK or 590 euros.

In a recent interview with Lemonade magazine, Kjetil Wold of the Norwegian design group Anti stated about about his black metal-inspired clothing company, “We are a denim brand who aim to put rebellion back into jeans. As Norwegians, we are heavily influenced by the true Norwegian black metal sub culture. Coming from Norway, we find it natural to build our philosophy around something truly Norwegian.”

When asked if he has received any feedback from any remaining members of the early ’90s wave of Norwegian black metal, Kjetil said, “We have had good feedback and are proud to say that artists like SATYRICON, 1349 and RUNHILD GAMMELSÆTER are not only using our denims but are or have been involved in several projects with us.”