OFFICIUM TRISTE: Another New Song Available For Streaming

Dutch melodic doom/death metal veterans OFFICIUM TRISTE will release of their fifth studio album, “Mors Viri”, on March 18 through Hammerheart Records. The CD was recorded on several occasions during 2011 at El Pato studios in Bergweiler, Germany. Ronnie Björnström at Enhanced Audio Productions did the mix and master in Sweden. “Mors Viri” sounds mature and varied with a focus on melancholic melodies, and is definitely the band’s strongest recording to date.

“Mors Viri” track listing:

01. Your Fall From Grace
02. Burning All Boats And Bridges
03. Your Heaven, My Underworld
04. Interludium
05. To The Gallows
06. The Wounded And The Dying
07. One With The Sea (Part II)
08. Like Atlas

You can listen to “The Wounded And The Dying” in the YouTube clip below.

Says OFFICIUM TRISTE: “We’ve been working really hard on this new album and we are convinced we made a huge leap forward in both song writing as well as production. We are positive Hammerheart Records will be a big help in spreading our name even further. We’re really looking forward working with them.”

Adds Hammerheart: “When we received the new recordings of OFFICIUM TRISTE, we were blown away; the sheer quality of every aspect of this recording is simply superb. Anyone interested in strong melodic doom/death metal (think KATATONIA, MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA, NOVEMBER’S DOOM) will have a new favorite band to add!!! Great to be working with these veteran guys who are around for almost 20 years now…”

During the recording sessions for “Mors Viri”, OFFICIUM TRISTE recorded a cover version of ANATHEMA‘s “Sleepless”. The band states: “We used to play this song live quite often in our early days. We thought it was cool to record this one. It won’t appear on any official release so we made it available for you to download. It’s our gift to our fans, because we can.”