OLIVER DAWSON SAXON: New Video Interview Posted Online

The Base Sessions team conducted an interview with OLIVER DAWSON SAXON, the British heavy metal band featuring founding SAXON members Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson, on August 25 at the Upton International Music Camping Festival 2012 in Worcestershire, England. You can now watch the chat below.

OLIVER DAWSON SAXON released its latest album, “Motorbiker”, on February 27 via Angel Air Records. The CD was described by Dawson in a recent interview as “what me and Graham do best . . . a hard rock album, maybe metal . . . in that classic SAXON tradition.”

After spending a few years battling with Biff Byford and Paul Quinn over the SAXON name, Oliver and Dawson reached a settlement in 2003 with the members of the original band SAXON over the usage of the name and logos belonging to the original partnership.

OLIVER DAWSON SAXON, consisting of Oliver and Dawson, acknowledged that the band featuring Byford and Quinn will continue to be known as “SAXON“, and have use of the logo. In return Byford and Quinn acknowledged that OLIVER DAWSON SAXON has a legitimate use of the name in that form.

Formed in the late ’90s, OLIVER DAWSON SAXON previously recorded and released an album called “Re-Landed”, which got a limited release on a local label before being reissued via Angel Air as “Re-Landed..Plus”.

Video footage of OLIVER DAWSON SAXON performing on September 30 at Melodka in Brno, Czech Republic can be seen below.



Performance footage (September 30 at Melodka in Brno, Czech Republic):