‘One Man Metal’ Documentary: Part 3 Posted Online

Black metal has an illustrious heritage, but its story is often told in the wrong ways. Noisey and Vice are proud to present “One Man Metal”, a new three-part documentary with three of the most reclusive figures of the black metal scene, Leviathan, Striborg and Xasthur. They exist on the fringes of black metal and rarely have been documented… until now.

In this new documentary, Noisey follows the lives of three enigmatic solo artists — Leviathan, Striborg and Xasthur — producing black metal on the margins of society. These are men who don’t just play the music, but embody what it reflects: isolation, misanthropy, and anger.

These were exiles struggling to become human, and when they were ready to share their bleak outlook, they turned to Noisey. Presented in sumptuous black and white, the documentary moves from Chicago, to Los Angeles and Tasmania, interviewing these exceptional musicians, most of whom had never shown their face on camera before.

The documentary includes the first on-camera interview with Scott Connor, a.k.a. Xasthur, who crafts his bleak sounds from a crumbling apartment in the hinterlands of Los Angeles. Vice also explored the remot environs of rural Tasmania with Sin Nanna of STRIBORG, and finally travelled to San Francisco to speak with Jef Whitehead, a.k.a. Leviathan.

Earlier this month, “One Man Metal” saw a full international release, following series of delays leading up to Whitehead‘s 2011 conviction on one count of aggravated domestic battery.

Despite the richness of the genre, there ore only a handful of definitive pieces on the subject of black metal. “One Man Metal” joins Michael Moynihan‘s “Lords Of Chaos” and Vice‘s book and documentary “True Norwegian Black Metal” in that illustrious lineage.

Part 3 can now be seen below.

Part 3:


Part 2:


Part 1:




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