ONE MINUTE SILENCE Guitarist Discusses Decision To Reunite, Upcoming Album In Video Interview

Guitarist Massimo “Massy” Fiocco of British crossover pioneers ONE MINUTE SILENCE, who are back from a seven-year hiatus and are angrier than ever, recently spoke to Sonisphere‘s own Sophie K about their plans for this year’s event and the direction of the band’s new album. You can now watch the chat below.

Returning with a contemporary and fresh new sound, ONE MINUTE SILENCE promise to once again smash musical boundaries by experimenting with new colors and textures while retaining their brutal signature groove. Vocalist Brian “Yap” Barry, guitarist Massimo “Massy” Fiocco and bassist Glen Diani are joined by new drummer Martin Davies, a virtuosic player who brings even more power and dynamics to the OMS machine.

Many will remember ONE MINUTE SILENCE for their incredible live shows. Their intensity and energy levels were arguably unmatched by any band, making them THE must see live band of the time and earning them the title “Best British Live Act” by Kerrang! magazine. OMS will explode back onto the live scene at this year’s prestigious Sonisphere festival, playing alongside many top metal acts, including the so-called “Big Four” of 1980s thrash metal — METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER and ANTHRAX. More major festival dates will be announced in due course.

Writing and rehearsing has been the focus for the past few months and a new album is hoped for release later this year.

Yap comments: “Initially I wasn’t sure if the energy and punch that we had would still be there but when we got in the rehearsal room together there was no denying it — in fact, it’s stronger than it ever was. Everything we were talking about politically and economically ten years ago has come true today and it’s appalling that honest working people are now footing the bill for decades of laissez-fair economics, corrupt banking and elite corporatocracy. We’re angrier than we ever were and more experienced this time with it — expect blood.”

Davies comments on joining the band: “I was recommended by a friend to Glen, who lives close to me in Bradford, to work with him on his solo project and we just jelled creatively straight away. Then last year when the idea of OMS was being discussed Glen put me forward and I met the band for some rehearsals earlier this year. I’m very excited about the raw energy and creativity within the dynamic of the band — it’s very current and subversive which is what I thrive on.”

Yap comments on the upcoming Sonisphere performance: “Been too long. Missing the pit, missing the vibe, missing the fans. Time for round two. Unfinished business. Expect mayhem.”


Sonisphere TV – One Minute Silence Interview