Original FASTER PUSSYCAT Members Reunite On Stage In Las Vegas (Video)

On November 26, Las Vegas’ favorite band SIN CITY SINNERS was joined by special guest Taime Downe of FASTER PUSSYCAT.

This concert marked the first time original FASTER PUSSYCAT members Brent Muscat (who is part of SIN CITY SINNERS) and Taime Downe have played together in six years. Taime and Brent peformed a few of the fans’ favorite FASTER PUSSYCAT songs along with a few rare ones they hadn’t played live in 20 years.

SIN CITY SINNERS played a two-hour set of covers and originals before being joined by Taime on stage to close the night.

Taime Downe played the following songs with SIN CITY SINNERS:

* Slip Of The Tongue
* Smash Alley
* No Room For Emotion
* House Of Pain
* Bathroom Wall
* Where There’s A Whip, There’s A Way
* You’re So Vain

SIN CITY SINNERS‘ lineup for the November 26 concert consisted of Brent Muscat (FASTER PUSSYCAT) on guitar, Rob Cournoyer (RAGING SLAB) on drums, Michael Ellis on guitar, Scotty Griffin (L.A. GUNS) on bass and Louie Merlino (BEGGARS THIEVES) on vocals.