ORPHANED LAND Guitarist Performs With MARTY FRIEDMAN In Tel Aviv; Video Available

Guitarist Yossi Sassi of Israeli progressive folk metal masters ORPHANED LAND was invited to share the stage with Marty Friedman at the former MEGADETH guitar virtuoso’s May 31 concert at Reading 3 Club in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Video footage of the performance can be viewed below. Also available is a clip of the joint interview Sassi and Friedman gave to an Israeli radio station before the concert.

Prior to taking the stage with Friedman, Yossi said, “Although I have shared stages with METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN and many others, I’m excited more than ever to cooperate with Marty on the same stage, shoulder to shoulder. His recordings with the legendary Jason Becker were one of the milestones for me as a guitarist, through his wonderful solos with MEGADETH to his current impressive solo career. Since the beginning of our relationship, Marty seems to be as pleasant and professional as one can be during mutual preparations towards the show together. I believe we’ll produce nice work together, in the upcoming show and beyond.”

An interview with Friedman and footage of Yossi and Marty‘s soundcheck at the Tel Aviv show will be included in the upcoming “Vayehi Or” documentary about ORPHANED LAND which is being directed by Matan Peer. The 30- or 35-minute film will also contain personal interviews with all five members of ORPHANED LAND, PORCUPINE TREE‘s Steven Wilson (who has previously collaborated with ORPHANED LAND), Arab fans from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, as well as ORPHANED LAND performance and rehearsal footage.

Radio interview:



Live performance: