ORPHANED LAND: ‘The Road To OR-Shalem’ DVD Details Revealed

“The Road To OR-Shalem”, the new concert DVD by Israeli progressive folk metal masters ORPHANED LAND, will be released on October 24 in Europe and November 1 in the U.S. via Century Media Records.

According to a press release, “The Road To OR-Shalem” “is the premier Middle Eastern progressive metal crusaders’ DVD debut and documents the band’s incredible mission to unite warring factions in their home region through the power of music. Filmed in Tel Aviv, Israel in December 2010, ‘The Road To OR-Shalem’ features nearly two hours of stunning live material, as well as a second bonus DVD. The bonus DVD material includes additional live footage, a behind-the-scenes documentary and video clips.”

Commented ORPHANED LAND vocalist Kobi Farhi: “It has been such an amazing experience for us to record our debut DVD.

“Our show proves that music is the strongest weapon in the world.

“Our achievement through songwriting is not something that can be measured via traditional political or religious means.

“We learned by being in ORPHANED LAND that people might have different flags, signs and symbols, but when music plays there is only one flag that captures their hearts. It is the flag of hope, courage, friendship and brotherhood; the flag of light. We are converting blood enemies to friends through the healing power of music.”

Formed in Israel in 1991, ORPHANED LAND‘s unique style of Middle Eastern progressive metal has amassed a huge fan base worldwide. The band’s signature sound features multilingual vocals (English, Hebrew, Arabic, Yemenite and more) along with standard instruments, as well as countless Oriental and traditional instruments such as saz, santur, Arabian flutes, bouzouki and cumbus. The result is an exotic, heavy and fascinating mix.

ORPHANED LAND‘s live shows feature flags from both Israel and Lebanon prominently displayed, with fans from all ethnic and religious backgrounds singing along in both Hebrew and Arabic. These same fans proudly bear ORPHANED LAND tattoos, although this potentially puts them at risk in their home countries.

ORPHANED LAND‘s most recent CD (the band’s fourth), “The Neverending Way Of ORwarriOR”, came out in early 2010.

“The Road To OR-Shalem” track listing:


01. Halo Dies
02. Birth Of The Three
03. Olat Hatamid
04. The Kiss Of Babylon
05. A Never Ending Way
06. Disciples Of The Sacred II
07. Bereft In The Abyss
08. The Storm Still Rages Inside
09. Sapari
10. From Broken Vessels
11. Ocean Land
12. M I?
13. New Jerusalem
14. Vayehi Or
15. The Warrior
16. Baraka
17. Codeword: uprising
18. El Meod Na’ala
19. In Thy Never Ending Way
20. The Beloveds Cry
21. Norra El Norra
22. Ornaments Of Gold

DVD 2:

01. Bakapaim (with Yehuda Poliker)
02. Halom Layam Hatihon (with Yehuda Poliker)
03. The Path Part 1 – Treading Through Darkness (drums percussion solo)
04. Seasons Unite (from the album “Sahara”)
05. Thee By The Father I Pray (from the album “El Norra Alila”)

* Documentary – “Vayehi Or”
* Videos – “Sapari”, “Norra El Norra”, “Ocean Land”
* Slideshow/Band Photos