ORTSBO Welcomes KISS’ PAUL STANLEY As Spokesperson And Business Partner

Ortsbo Inc., the world’s leading experiential communications company, a subsidiary of Intertainment Media Inc., has announced that legendary rock icon, entrepreneur and co-founder of KISS, Paul Stanley, has joined Ortsbo as a spokesperson and business partner. Stanley is expected to help bring the world of live entertainment and global sponsorship and merchandising to fans through Ortsbo‘s unique real-time interactive experiential platform in over 50 languages.

Stanley will be working directly with the Ortsbo team to develop and initiate Ortsbo‘s entre into global socialization of live event programming. The platform will allow fans at live concert venues to interact with other fans around the globe, in real-time in over 50 languages through Twitter, Facebook, Ortsbo.com and online through Ortsbo‘s Live Global platform creating a social, global village at live entertainment and sports events.

In addition to socialization, the program will connect global fans to exclusive sponsors, offers and merchandising opportunities partnered with Ortsbo.

“We are very excited and honored to have Paul Stanley join Ortsbo. For almost 40 years, Paul has been a major influence in the entertainment industry. Together with Gene Simmons, KISS has become one of the true giants of global business with over 3,000 licensed products and continues to perform for sold out audiences and set records around the world,” said David Lucatch, CEO Ortsbo / Intertainment. “Paul‘s entrepreneurial and artistic visions have continued to garner successes beyond the entertainment industry and we welcome the opportunity to work with him to extend Ortsbo‘s brand and reach into global live venue socialization.”

This program will also be integrated into New York City’s newest major venue, The Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York where Ortsbo is a partner. The Barclay Center is scheduled to open fall 2012.

In addition to creating the world’s first globally socialized live events, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS together with Ortsbo hold the Guinness World Record for the most nationalities in an online chat, having established the record in May 2011 with 88 countries participating. Since then, Ortsbo has unofficially smashed the established record, having as many as 161 countries participating in real-time multilingual chat broadcast events including Steven Spielberg at the “Warhorse” premiere in New York City, the British Academy of Film and Television Awards in London and the “Avengers” movie premiere in Los Angeles.

Stanley comments, “Fluent simultaneous conversation across all languages and in real time isn’t science fiction, it’s Ortsbo. Ortsbo is the universal language that breaks down the barriers separating countries and cultures and turns a vast planet into a global village.”