OUTCAST: Digital EP Available For Free Download

French brutal djent metal mongers OUTCAST are giving away an exclusive free digital EP entitled “Circles Of Motion” via the French webzine Violent Solutions.

“Circles Of Motion” features two brand new tracks from OUTCAST‘s forthcoming third album, “Awaken The Reason”; “Allegiance”, from the band’s second CD, “Self-Injected Reality” (featuring a guest appearance by Jochem Jacobs of TEXTURES), a a cover of the GOJIRA song “Remembrance”, recorded live in 2005; and a studio instrumental, “David Winkle’s Terrible Adventure”. According to a press release, “the latter track is pushing the idea of an instrumental Wagnerian-like composition to its limits as no musical idea is repeated twice, yet building up a story with a standard beginning, its developing stage and an ending. It’s going against the usual and common song structure.” The band states, “It’s a track that you have to accept as it plays by, without much thought. It tells about David‘s growth , often mentioned as ‘Commander Winky’, into a sort of ‘Jackass’ hero (could also be a character in ‘The X Files’ series). This track was written with Frank Zappa‘s trademark songwriting in mind, yet obviously displaying more violent and progressive sounds.”

“Circles Of Motion” track listing:

01. Abysmal (from upcoming LP, “Awaken The Reason”)
02. Remembrance (exclusive EP track – live 2005 GOJIRA cover)
03. Elements (from upcoming LP, “Awaken The Reason”)
04. David Winkle’s Terrible Adventure (exclusive EP track)
05. Allegiance (from “Self-Injected Reality” – feat. Jochem Jacobs of TEXTURES)

“Awaken The Reason” will be released in Europe on February 20 via Listenable Records. According to a press release, the CD will be the group’s “strongest and most solid recording so far,” which “genuinely capture[s] the band’s musical madness.” It features “a modern-sounding-yet-organic production spiced up by some frenzy extreme guitar and drums assaults.”

Commmented OUTCAST: “‘Awaken The Reason’ was recorded between January and September 2010 at The Artist The Office Studio. It was mixed at Split Second Sound Studio by Jochem Jacobs (TEXTURES) in October/November 2010 and then mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches (MASTODON, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN). The album was composed between 2006 and 2009, mixing various influences, [including] Steve Vai, GOJIRA, DREAM THEATER, DEVIN TOWNSEND, TEXTURES and SIKTH. Our main goal was to stay away from traditional death music and produce a progressive album with personnal signature. Eighty percent of the album was composed by Nicolas [Soulat, guitar] but everyone was at work to improve melodies and songwriting. That’s why the album sounds like a concept album even if it’s not. This way of thinking music mixed with several aproaches of riffing and soloing constitute, in our opinion, the main guideline and would confer strong marks to the listener. So our minds were opened and focused on originality using old and new references in the whole metal industry.”

Regarding how the new album compares to OUTCAST‘s earlier efforts, the band said, “The more obvious difference between ‘Awaken The Reason’ and ‘Self Injected Reality’, our previous album, is the production, which gives more space and organic feelings to the composition. The composition and songs themselves are more colored and progressive, more subtle in the ambiences are not just full-rooted in death metal.”

OUTCAST‘s second album, “Self Injected Reality”, was released in September 2008 via Thundering Records. The follow-up to 2005’s “First Call / Last Warning” was recorded at Unmuted Studio with producer Aurélien Mauro (SKELETON CREW) and features guest appearances by Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR), Jochem Jacobs (TEXTURES) and Filip Leo (CORPORATION 187).


Mathieu Santin: Drums
Clément Mauro: Bass
Wilfried Fagnon: Vocals
Nicolas Soulat: Guitar
Jean-François Di Rienzo: Guitar