OVATION Launches New YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Signature Model Guitar

Ovation has announced two new signature Viper models YM63 YM68 designed by the true master of neo-classical metal shred, Yngwie J. Malmsteen. As a longtime Ovation endorsee, Yngwie has incorporated many Ovation models into his live performances and recordings over the past 25 years — including the stage-friendly Viper.

Yngwie‘s new signature Vipers, models YM68 (steel string) and YM63 (nylon string), feature a solid chambered Mahogany body, five-piece Mahogany and Maple necks, and preamp circuitry specially designed to deliver natural acoustic tone with absolutely no feedback — even at the most high-level stage volumes.

True to Yngwie‘s personal playing preferences, the steel string Viper also has a hand-scalloped fingerboard which creates less friction between the wood and the string when bending notes or adding vibrato. A light touch is all you need to play fast and articulate riffs with less effort than non-scalloped fretboards.

The new models are available in two color options: 6P – White or RC – Rosso Corsa Red (which happens to match one of Yngwie’s favorite Ferraris)

The Viper preamp features 3-band EQ with the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, and a handy battery status light.



(Thanks: Fullshred)