OVERCAST Announces One-Off Show In Connecticut

OVERCAST — the reunited Massachusetts band which features in its ranks KILLSWITCH ENGAGE bassist Mike D’Antonio and SHADOWS FALL singer Brian Fair — has scheduled a one-off show on May 23 at The Dark Room in New Haven, Connecticut. Headlining the show will be INTEGRITY. Also scheduled to appear are ILSA and HOMEWRECKER.

“Reborn to Kill Again” — a collection of re-recorded versions of more than a dozen of OVERCAST‘s classic tracks, along with two previously unreleased songs — was released in August 2008 via Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded in 2006 with Adam Dutkiewicz (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) at the helm.

Started in August 1991, OVERCAST disbanded in November 1998 after years of being turned down by labels, skimped out on by promoters, and a general sense of the band being too much of an albatross to continue. Heartbroken and emotionally taxed, each of the members went their separate ways. Brian joined SHADOWS FALL (a band who had opened for OVERCAST on many occasions), Mike D’Antonio started working on a project called KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, Pete Cortese (guitar) continued writing and ended up in a band called SEEMLESS, Scott McCooe (guitar) began playing bass in TRANSIENT, and Jay Fitzgerald (drums) formed and played in many bands, finally settling down in the band TUNNEL DRILL.

Mike D’Antonio spoke about the OVERCAST reunion in an April 2006 interview with MTV.com. The group originally split up a week or so after the band’s first U.S. tour (with DISEMBODIED and SHAI HULUD) had concluded, and the guys in OVERCAST returned from a six-week road trip with about $500 to their names.

“We were all just kind of beaten to death,” D’Antonio recalled. “We had worked so incredibly hard to get the band to where it was, with little or nothing to show for it besides just fans coming out and seeing us and being really into the band. We just needed to cut our losses and go home, and unfortunately, that was the way most of the people felt in the band. We had gotten done with a practice, and everyone told me how they were feeling. [That band] was my baby — something I cared about more than almost anything else in the world at that point. So when people were telling me they didn’t want to do it, I didn’t want to face reality. It really bothered me.”



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