OVERDRIVE’s Original Singer Returns As Band’s New Bassist

Classic Swedish heavy metal band OVERDRIVE formed in 1980 and recorded two albums, “Metal Attack” and “Swords And Axes”, before splitting up in 1985. A shortlived reformation took place in 1992, at the time featuring original drummer Kenta Svensson, guitarist Janne Stark and singer Pelle Thuresson now handling the bass. In 2003 the band played, what was to be a one-off reunion show, but it became permanent as more concerts were booked and a new deal with Lion Music was signed. The band continued with new singer Per “Perilo” Lengstedt (formerly Karlsson) and has since released an EP and three albums. The group’s latest CD, “Angelmaker”(2011), received rave reviews and the band played a number of shows.

In December 2011, internal communication problems caused the group to break up for a short time. Not willing to let go of a great band, the members reformed with Thuresson once again handling the bass.

After leaving OVERDRIVE in 1985, Pelle switched to playing bass and has since played with such bands as OVERHEAT, CROSSEYED MARY and the AC/DC cover band AC/DC JAM.

“It’s truly sad it had to come to this, but it was impossible to continue under previous circumstances,” OVERDRIVE said in a statement. “It, however, feels really great to have Pelle back in the band, both on a personal and a musical level. We’ve stayed friends through the years and Pelle even made a guest appearance on one of our shows in 2010. This also opens up possibilities for some more interesting things for OVERDRIVE on a live show level. We are really exited to get this sucker on the road.”

Added Pelle: “I didn’t expect this at all, but I immediately jumped at it when I was asked. Now I just have to relearn all the old songs on bass instead.”

OVERDRIVE‘s new single, “Short Moments”, is in heavy rotation on the Swedish radio channel P4 and a digital release will follow soon. The band will also support NAZARETH in Sweden.

Pictured below is OVERDRIVE‘s current lineup (left to right): Kjell Jacobsson (guitar), Pelle Thuresson (bass), Per “Periloz” Karlsson (vocals), Janne Stark (guitar) and Kenta Svensson (drums).


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