OZZY And SHARON OSBOURNE Living Together Again

According to TMZ.com, BLACK SABBATH frontman Ozzy Osbourne has moved back in with his wife and manager Sharon after convincing her that he has been drug and alcohol free for months.

Ozzy admitted that he relapsed into drug and alcohol abuse for 18 months in a statement posted on April 15 on his Facebook page.

Sharon had reportedly been staying in a Los Angeles hotel, and made it clear that she would not get back together with the singer until he adequately proved his sobriety.

The couple walked the red carpet at the Daytime Emmy Awards yesterday (Sunday, June 17) and seemed happy and in love. They even shared a passionate embrace and kiss at the award ceremony in Beverly Hills (see video below).

In a recent interview with USA Today, Sharon stated about Ozzy‘s recovery: “He’s doing incredibly well. He is. Eighty-plus days clean and sober. He’s working his program rigidly.”

She added: “It’s amazing to see how somebody in just over 80 days can change their life around. You know, miracles happen all the time and he has (gone from) hating himself, from a place of despair, to being a responsible husband and father again and it’s amazing to see. I’m very proud of him. He’s a great example, too, for people. He’s not the only person that suffers from addiction.

“Tomorrow’s a new day and you start all over again. You just don’t give up, it doesn’t matter what you have, or your position in life, you still have those demons in you.

“This problem affects so many people. It doesn’t matter what you have. It’s the same battle for everyone.”

Ozzy has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction throughout his entire 40-plus-year career, both with SABBATH and as a solo artist, although in recent years he seemed to have achieved a steady level of sobriety.

Ozzy told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that the many years he spent drunk and high took a toll on his relationship with his kids — especially his son Jack. “The one downside about being the crazy guy of rock ‘n’ roll was the fact that I missed out on my children somewhat and they missed out on me,” he said. “I had an argument with my son one time, and I go to him, ‘Jack, what are you moaning at me for? You never wanted for a damn thing.’ And he goes, ‘Oh yeah? What about a father?’ And it just kicked me straight between the legs and I was like, ‘Good God.'”



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