OZZY And SHARON OSBOURNE’s Sexy Valentine’s Date

On yesterday’s (Wednesday, February 15) edition of the CBS program “The Talk”, which is co-hosted by Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife/manager Sharon, Sharon revealed the details of her sexy Valentine’s date with Ozzy(see video below). “He picked me up in a nice car that he was driving — and he rarely does that,” she said. “He took me to our favorite hotel, where he booked a room. And when we went in, the fireplace was on and there was a big bottle of pink champagne, ’cause he knows that pink champagne sends me crazy. [I will do] anything. I mean, I’m fearless when I’ve had that champagne. So, anyway, we rounded off the evening — after I’d drunk, ’cause my husband doesn’t drink, so I had all of it — and we played waitress and customer. . . I was the waitress, and as usual, we ended the dinner with a banana split.”

In a recent interview with Daily Star, Sharon, 59, revealed that she and Ozzy have sex all the time and and she even takes time off from “The Talk” to spend more time in the bedroom with the 63-year-old BLACK SABBATH frontman.

She said, “We make love all the time. We used to do it five times a week. I take breaks from my chat show to have sex.”

Sharon also said that she was surprised to receive “dirty texts” from Ozzy while he was touring Europe last year, as she believed he was unable to text.

“It’s good now because he’s texting,” she said. “So we’re texting each other all the time. I got a text from Ozzy yesterday and I’m like, ‘Jesus, somebody’s stolen his phone.’ Because I thought somebody found his phone and they were texting me dirty messages. And Silvana, my assistant, goes, ‘Oh my god, Ozzy‘s just sent you this really dirty text.’ And I’m like, ‘Well it’s not him, somebody must have stolen his phone, he can’t text.’ But it was him.”