OZZY OSBOURNE: A Dog Of A Birthday

Legendary heavy metal frontman Ozzy Osbourne celebrated his 63rd birthday last weekend at a bash where family and friends surprised the singer with a giant cake that looked like his Pomeranian (pictured below next to the cake).

“Look how cool my dad’s cake was, [it] was made to look like the second love of his life Rocky his dog!” tweeted Ozzy‘s daughter Kelly.

Joining Ozzy at the party were his BLACK SABBATH bandmates Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, among other friends.

“We had a party for him last night, all the [BLACK SABBATH] boys [were] there even some of my dads schools friends, it was an amazing night!” Kelly said.

“The sad part is none of us want to eat the cake because it looks so cool!” she added.

Ozzy, whose birthday is December 3, is currently working on his first studio album with BLACK SABBATH since 1978.


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