OZZY OSBOURNE: ‘I’m Very Lucky To Have Been Blessed With Good Hair Genes’

Sam Parker of Asylum.co.uk recently conducted an interview with legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Asylum.co.uk: Ozzy, we all know about the bat incident, but is there any animal you definitely would not consider eating?

Ozzy: Actually I don’t eat much meat at all these days: I’m more likely to bite the head off a fucking lettuce than a bat — or any other animal for that matter. That’s what happens when you get to the age of 62: you order a medium-rare steak, and you can’t shit for a week, man. Pills don’t solve the problem, either. You’d need a couple of sticks of dynamite to unclog the Prince of Darkness after plate of ribeye.

Asylum.co.uk: Some of us on the team are getting receding hairlines, whereas you still have a beautiful head of hair. Is it real, and if so, any hair care treatments you recommend?

Ozzy: It’s all real — I’m very lucky to have been blessed with good hair genes. If it’s thinning or receding, my advice is to shave it all off, man. It’s a battle you can’t win, unless you’ve got a serious amount of time and dough to throw at the problem

Asylum.co.uk: A bad hangover, one too many coffees, and a packed tube — suddenly we’re on the verge of a panic attack. Have you ever encountered this problem? What did you do?

Ozzy: Sounds familiar. If it were me in my drinking days, I’ve had got off the train at the next station and had another pint. As far as I was concerned, another pint could cure fucking anything. Which explains why I had hangover that lasted 40 years.

Asylum.co.uk: You were born in Birmingham but now you live in America. Do you think leaving Britain behind has helped you stay fit?

Ozzy: I still have a place in England, and I spend a lot of time there, so the contrast with L.A. — where everyone’s trying to live forever — is un-fucking-believable, man. It’s all about finding a balance, if you ask me. You don’t want to kill yourself to have a good time, like a lot of people do in England. But you also don’t want to try so hard to live forever that you forget how to fucking live.

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