OZZY OSBOURNE Impersonator Pepper-Sprayed By ‘Catwoman’

According to NBCLosAngeles.com, a fight broke out between a woman dressed in Catwoman attire and an Ozzy Osbourne impersonator Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles. The incident happened outside the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, where people dress up and take pictures with tourists.

The Osbourne impersonator and a man dressed in an “Alien” mask were disrupting Catwoman from taking photos with visitors all day and seemed to be intoxicated.

Catwoman told the pair that she would pepper spray them if they didn’t stop harassing her.

She said: “[The Ozzy impersonator] was antagonizing me to do so, so I did. I said, ‘I’m giving you fair warning. If you do not get away from me I will spray you in the face.'”

Watch the NBCLosAngeles.com video report below.