OZZY OSBOURNE Keyboardist ADAM WAKEMAN Discusses HEADSPACE Debut In New Audio Interview

The Age Of Metal recently conducted an interview with HEADSPACE/OZZY OSBOURNE keyboardist Adam Wakeman. You can now listen to the chat using the Mixcloud player below.

Progressive rock outfit HEADSPACE will release its first full-length album, “I Am Anonymous”, on May 22 in North America (one day earlier in Europe) via InsideOut Music. The artwork for the CD was created by Blacklake (a design team from Holland), and they took the band’s original concept of a bleak war-torn landscape and created the chaotic scene for the front cover, contrasted by the innocence of a young child.

In regards to the artwork, Adam Wakeman (son of YESRick Wakeman) comments: “We wanted to try and visually capture a contrast in the chaos. The album is about the listener and their relationship with humanity — ultimately the battles fought within the mind from child to man. Although the album has references to war (through Kubler Ross‘ model of impending death), it’s also about the turmoil that leads us to peace and acceptance… We were conscious that all the artwork had to reflect that.”

To give fans a preview of their upcoming release, HEADSPACE has posted an album teaser trailer that features samples of every song on “I Am Anonymous”. Check it out below.

“I Am Anonymous” track listing:

01. Stalled Armageddon
02. Die With A Bullet
03. Soldier
04. Fall Of America
05. In Hell’s Name
06. Daddy Fucking Loves You
07. Invasion
08. The Big Day

HEADSPACE began as a way for Wakeman and a close circle of his musician friends to reconnect. There were no preconceptions of launching a progressive metal band, and certainly no visions of grandeur — they just played music that they loved. “We’re quite open about our influences because that’s the music that we love,” the band comments. “There’s RUSH, YES, GENESIS, a lot of bands. We even give a tip of the hat to DREAM THEATER in a few sections. That’s all a part of what we are.”

This impromptu collaboration amongst friends quickly turned into something more serious, leading to the official formation of HEADSPACE and the completion of their debut album, “I Am Anonymous”, which will be released this psring through InsideOut Music. The band comments, “Indeed, with players like keyboardist Adam Wakeman, vocalist Damian Wilson (THRESHOLD, ARJEN LUCASSEN), bassist Lee Pomeroy (Rick Wakeman‘s ERE, IT BITES), HEADSPACE is destined to go in an ‘unashamedly prog’ direction. People may be surprised to find, however, that for a band led by a keyboardist and vocalist — at least on paper — ‘I Am Anonymous’ is a heavily guitar-oriented record.”

Guitarist Pete Rinaldi and drummer Richard Brook round out the band’s lineup, making HEADSPACE a progressive metal powerhouse in the music world.


Adam Wakeman – Keyboards
Damian Wilson – Vocals
Pete Rinaldi – Guitars
Lee Pomeroy – Bass
Richard Brook – Drums





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