P.O.D. Song Deemed Too Violent For Festival Show

According to The Pulse Of Radio, P.O.D. canceled an appearance this past Sunday (October 28) at a festival in Ventura, California after officials objected to the lyrics of one of the band’s biggest songs, “Youth Of The Nation”. According to the Ventura County Star, an official at the Ventura County Fairgrounds sent an email to the promoter of the Monster Jam Fest requesting that P.O.D. not play “Youth Of The Nation” because the lyrics, which were partially inspired by three separate school shootings, were “too touchy and controversial” and “too violent to be played at a family event.”

“Youth Of The Nation” appeared on the band’s 2001 album “Satellite” and was nominated for a Grammy for “Best Hard Rock Performance”.

The event was moved to a smaller venue after P.O.D. pulled out. The band did not comment on the situation except for a tweet announcing the cancellation and a link to the article in the County Star.

Ironically, P.O.D. singer Sonny Sandoval told The Pulse Of Radio that he often has his five-year-old son on the road with him, which keeps touring a family affair. “You know, if anything, I think just his presence alone here sets the tone for the rest of the guys,” he said. “And not only that, it reminds a lot of these rock stars and a lot of these young guys out here that they are daddies or they do have responsibilities, you know what I mean, so when they see me walking around with him and putting him first, and caring more about being a father than I do a rock star, it kind of sets the tone.”

P.O.D. will be getting back on the road in November, opening for 3 DOORS DOWN and DAUGHTRY, and will also set sail on the 2012 ShipRocked cruise from November 27 through December 3.

The band’s latest single, “Higher”, is taken from “Murdered Love”, which came out this past July and ended a four-year hiatus for the group.