PAPA ROACH Frontman On Vocal Surgery: ‘It’s Healing Really Well’

California rockers PAPA ROACH last month officially dropped off the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival after just one week, with singer Jacoby Shaddix needing surgery to remove a nodule on his vocal cord. Shaddix was diagnosed earlier this summer and attempted to take care of it without an operation.

In a new interview with Loudwire, Shaddix says that the surgery was a success and that he should be back on the stage in the very near future.

“Recovery is going really good,” Shaddix said. “It was a little tough in the beginning; I couldn’t talk at all so that sucked. It was the longest silence of my life since I was born; I just wanted to talk so bad.”

He added, “[I] went to the first doctor’s appointment, all good. Went to another one yesterday and the doctor said I could start warming up. It was funny because they put a camera down my nose and down my throat to look down there and they couldn’t see which side they operated on because it had healed so well. They had to go back and look at the ‘before’ pictures, so that’s a god sign. It’s healing really well.”

Asked if there will be a long-term impact on his singing voice, Shaddix said, “I don’t think so. I’ll find out exactly how my voice sounds in the next few weeks. Anything is better than what it was, though, because it was fucking terrible. I’m good.”

The throat problems follow a tough period during which Shaddix split and reconciled with his wife of 15 years and also fell off the wagon.

PAPA ROACH‘s new album, “The Connection”, which will be released on October 2 via Eleven Seven Music. The CD was recorded at the band’s hometown studio, The Red House in Sacramento, California, and was produced by rock veteran James Michael (SIXX: A.M., HALESTORM) and John Feldmann (PANIC AT THE DISCO, THE USED, ESCAPE THE FATE).



“Still Swingin'” video:




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