PAPA ROACH Frontman: ‘We’ve Topped Ourselves Again With This New Record’

On May 17, vocalist Jacoby Shaddix of Sacramento, California rockers PAPA ROACH was interviewed by Army Sergeant Russell Toof of American Forces Network Europe. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

PAPA ROACH last fall entered the studio with producer James Michael (MÖTLEY CRÜE, HALESTORM, SIXX: A.M., SCORPIONS) to begin recording its new album for a late 2012 release.

When asked if he can reveal any detals about the forthcoming CD, such as a title or exact release date, Jacoby told American Forces Network, “We don’t know the name of the album; we’re still kind of going back and forth on what we feel like the album should be called. The release date is gonna be sometime in September. And that will be the worldwide release date; I don’t have the date yet, but sometime in September. The first single, we’re still trying to whittle down to the final right now. We’re actually about to send another batch of songs off to the label and kind of see which songs they’re feeling. So all that stuff is gonna be decided in the next week of two. We recorded it in Sacramento and James Michael produced the album. We bought a recording studio at home, and this is the first time we’ve written and recorded in Sacramento since our first major label release, ‘Infest’. And so, it’s kind of cool. It’s all come full circle. We’re back home in Sacramento ripping it. I think we’ve topped ourselves again with this new record, so I think the fans are gonna trip on where we took the music this time.”

In an October 2011 interview with the Albany, New York radio station Q103, Shaddix said that the band was focusing on creating something unusual this time around. He stressed the importance of creating something “out of the norm” — including a duet with a female vocalist, which they’d never done before — that will be “aggressive and uplifting.”

Shaddix previously stated about PAPA ROACH‘s new music, “We want to separate ourselves from the pack again. When we came out in ’99 and 2000, we were like part of an underground movement and then that was really cool. Then that movement kind of fell apart and there weren’t many bands still out there doing it. So we evolved and separated ourselves again and evolved into more of a rock band. Now we have been lumped into all these rock bands and we are like, ‘Cool we like that. We like that sense of community in rock.’ But I want to evolve it into something more even of our own sound.” He added, “I wouldn’t necessarily say that is the move to make it creatively original. I just think the music we have been listening to, we have been listening to everything from honkytonk country music to electronic music to heavy metal to punk rock. I don’t want to make an average white-guy rock record. I want to make a fucking record that inspires people to fuck, fight, love, forgive. An inspiring album that makes people want to move, makes people want to do something.”

PAPA ROACH‘s 2010 release “Time For Annihilation… On The Road And On The Record”, featured a mix of live tracks and new studio cuts.

“Time For Annihilation” was PAPA ROACH‘s first release on Eleven Seven Music, after parting ways with Interscope/Geffen Records in 2010.