PAPA ROACH Performs Live And Answers Fan-Submitted Questions For ‘YouTube Presents’


Californian rockers PAPA ROACH performed for a worldwide live stream and took questions from fans earlier today (Tuesday, October 23) via YouTube, marking the first time the band played live since vocalist Jacoby Shaddix underwent surgery last month to remove nodes from his vocal cords. Shaddix‘s condition forced him to stop singing and led his band to drop off this past summer’s Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival tour.

Shaddix told The Pulse Of Radio that pulling out of that tour and going straight into surgery was probably the smartest thing he could have done. “Best decision I ever made,” he said. “You know, it was a tough decision, but best decision. Went in and got the surgery — I was freaking out. I remember I was going into surgery, I’m like, tear rolling down my face, like, ‘God, please guide this surgeon’s hands,’ cause, you know, I mean, shit could go bad real quick.”

Shaddix told Loudwire, “I couldn’t talk at all so that sucked. It was the longest silence of my life since I was born; I just wanted to talk so bad.”

Even before his vocal problems started, Shaddix admitted in several new interviews that he came close to committing suicide earlier in the year as he struggled with both marital problems and falling off the wagon.

The latest PAPA ROACH album, “The Connection”, sold 22,000 copies in its first week of release to debut at No. 17 on the Billboard album chart.

PAPA ROACH will follow the YouTube performance with a tour across Europe, beginning in Russia in early November.


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