PARADISE LOST Frontman Interviewed By France’s LOUD TV (Video) conducted an interview with vocalist Nick Holmes of British gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST at the final show of the band’s “Draconian Times” tour 2011, on April 3 at Bataclan in Paris, France. You can now watch the chat below.

Sony Music recently reissued PARADISE LOST‘s seminal 1995 album “Draconian Times” through the “Legacy” series; which features the entire digitally re-mastered album including a 5.1 Dolby Surround mix in a brand-new collector’s edition digipak box set, so fans can hear the album like never before!

To celebrate this release, PARADISE LOST performed “Draconian Times” live at a series of seven exclusive gigs in select cities around Europe: Utrecht, Bochum, London, Paris, Athens, and Thessaloniki.

Holmes previously stated about the opportunity to perform the album live again 16 years after its original release: “‘Draconian Times’ was a huge success for the band; it seemed to be exactly the right album to do at the right time, and to a certain degree was definitely the end of a chapter for the band. We always considered the album to be a ‘better’ version of its predecessor, ‘Icon’, and using [producer] Simon Effemy again for the third time, I think we were all on the same hymn sheet and knew exactly what we wanted and what the album should sound like.

“We had done a pretty extensive touring schedule for the ‘Icon’ album before it, and there was already a decent buzz around about the band.

“In the 1990s without the Internet you could only really gauge how things were going once you walked onto the stage and saw how the crowd responded to songs! But after the ‘Draconian Times’ album was released, the response was phenomenal.

“Knowing that ‘Draconian Times’ is still considered by many as being among their favorite albums of all time fills me with great pride, and I’m very grateful to have been part of it all and now having the chance to be here again playing it in its entirety is phenomenal.”