PARADISE LOST Frontman To Take Part In ‘Heavy Metal Truants’ Charity Bike Ride

Vocalist Nick Holmes British gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST will take part in Heavy Metal Truants, a charity bike ride from London to Donington, United Kingdom in June.

Comments Holmes: “Heavy Metal Truants is the world’s first heavy metal charity cycle ride from London to Donington Park! And as a huge fan of both cycling and heavy metal, I jumped at the chance to be involved in this event, and hopefully collect a ton of cash from all you generous folk out there!

“In order to take part, we will be doing from 26 to 83 grueling miles a day, come rain or shine, so surely that deserves a donation?

“I’ve chosen to donate all the money I raise to Nordoff Robbins. You should know all about them. If you don’t, please take time to check them out and the great work they do:

“Please give generously. It’s really appreciated, and even if not for me — think of the kids!”

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