PARADOX Rejoined By ‘Collision Course’-Era Rhythm Section

Drummer Alex Holzwarth and bassist Oliver Holzwarth (Alex‘s brother) have rejoined PARADOX, the long-running German metal band led by Charly Steinhauer. The group is currently working on material for a new album, tentatively due in 2012 via AFM Records. According to a press release, the new record will be a conceptual effort that will be tied to the heresy story featured the PARADOX‘s eponymous and most commercially successful 1989 album “Heresy”.

Steinhauer and the brothers Holzwarth previously collaborated on the PARADOX classic entitled “Collision Course” in 2000.

Commented Alex Holzwarth: “We never really understood what happened after ‘Collision Course’. We put out a great album, did great shows and all of a sudden we decided to split and therefore put to rest one of the most exciting musical projects in heavy metal music. For me it was just a matter of time until paths cross again. PARADOX now is a band in its strongest sense — it is all about sharing visions, writing exciting music and touring all over the earth and even going to Mars, if necessary.”

Added Oliver Holzwarth: “We met again [while working on] the BRUTAL GODZ project in 2010. Hands down, Charly is one state-of-the-art rhythm guitar player when it comes to powerful and supertight machine-gun riffing. And he is a great singer/songwriter in his genre, even open-minded to all the crazy ideas that Alex and I put on the table. I tend to call him the German James Hetfield. At least he is writing the music that METALLICA don’t do anymore. To put a long story short: there are no boundaries anymore. The funny thing is that right now we have a two-timer thing: we got PARADOX plus another band that is in the making right now with exactly the same lineup. Stay tuned!”

PARADOX‘s current lineup:

Charly Steinhauer – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Gus Drax – Lead Guitars And Virtuosity
Alex Holzwarth – Drums And Percussion
Oliver Holzwarth – Bass