PATHOGEN To Release ‘Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations’ Album In March

Germany’s Dunkelheit Produktionen has set a March 1 release date for “Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations” from Philippine warriors of death PATHOGEN. Armed with an album that sounds pretty much just as the title reads, the veteran act continues its plague-spreading reign of terror with complete disregard for the listener’s well-being. “Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations” is old school, uncompromising, and just plain unhealthy death metal.

“Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations” track listing:

01. Atrocity Exhibit
02. Monolith
03. Heretical Wisdom
04. Abyss of Perpetual Upheaval
05. Ideological Strife
06. Leviathan
07. Afterlife (SACRIFICE cover)
08. Uranium Messiah


Nino Jerome Aranza – Bass
Vic Jarlego – Drums
Jervish Alcos – Guitars
Willie Desamero – Vocals/Guitars