PAUL GILBERT: Rome Clinic Footage Available

Fan-filmed video footage of guitarist Paul Gilbert‘s (MR. BIG, RACER X) November 16, 2011 showcase/clinic in Rome, Italy can be seen below.

Gilbert‘s third instrumental album, “Fuzz Universe”, came out in August 2010 via Shrapnel Records.

The “Fuzz Universe” title is inspired by Gilbert being so immersed in the world of guitar that it made him realize that he lives in a “fuzz universe.”

Gilbert is regarded internationally as one of the greatest players in the industry. Having started his recording career with Shrapnel Records as a teenager in the late ’80s, he remains one of the most active guitarists from the original shred guitar scene. His rise to platinum success includes a No. 1 song with MR. BIG, and cult status as founding member of the legendary and highly successful underground progressive metal band RACER X.