A tweet that was posted on the “official” Twitter account of Paul Shaffer, the longtime David Letterman musical director and sidekick, regarding GUNS N’ ROSES‘ appearance at next month’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony did not come from Shaffer himself, according to a spokesperson for the company in control of the account.

Michael Lichtstein, the Vice President of Programming at Envision Radio Networks, which for the past five years has been producing “Paul Shaffer’s Day In Rock”, a daily 60-second vignette illustrating the history of rock according to Shaffer, has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

“I am writing to set the record straight on a story Blabbermouth printed earlier this evening [Thursday, March 8]. The story quoted Paul Shaffer‘s Twitter account as saying GUNS N’ ROSES would not be performing at this year’s induction ceremony. Please know this tweet did not come from Mr. Shaffer, as his Twitter account is in conjunction with his syndicated radio feature with our network, and all tweets are handled by one of our staff members. No one is exactly sure what will happen at the induction ceremony, and we apologize for the inadvertent tweet.”

Shaffer has served as musical director and producer for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony since its inception in 1986.

The tweet in question, which has since been deleted (see copy below), was a response to a query about the length of this year’s ceremony. “GUNS N’ ROSES will not be performing, so [the ceremony will] not [be] as long as you would think,” the tweet read.

GUNS N’ ROSES keyboardist Dizzy Reed recently told Billboard that all five original members of the band will be present at the induction ceremony. Reed revealed, “I know that all the original band is going to be there. I don’t know exactly what’s going to go down. It’s one of those things I’m sure will all come together and be really cool. I’m just going to go in with a good attitude and a clear head and a grateful heart.”

Singer Axl Rose, guitarists Slash and Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan and drummer Steven Adler will all be inducted into the Hall, along with later members Reed and drummer Matt Sorum.

With more than 20 years of service, Reed is the longest-standing member of the current GUNS lineup after sole original holdout Axl Rose. He told The Pulse Of Radio that whatever happens at the Hall, he’s already honored by the whole thing, “There’s a lot of great, great people that I respect and grew up admiring and idolizing that are in that, as part of that institution, and obviously just to be mentioned in the same breath as them, you know, for this band and everything, I take it as an honor.”

As for whether any combination of the eight musicians will get together for a jam or full-blown reunion at the induction ceremony, Reed said, “Honestly, we haven’t spoken about it. I don’t know when or why or how to bring it up. It’s not an everyday sort of thing. So we haven’t really talked about it — but I’m sure we’ll have to at some point.”

Although Rose has made his peace with various members of the group over the years, including McKagan, Stradlin and Adler, there doesn’t seem to be any change in his non-friendly stance toward Slash.

Slash, McKagan, Sorum and Adler have all expressed uncertainty about the possibility of a reunion at the ceremony.