WORLD FIRE BRIGADE, the new band featuring Brett Scallions (frontman of FUEL, as well as lead vocalist with Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of THE DOORS), Sean Danielsen (lead singer/guitarist of SMILE EMPTY SOUL) and Eddie Wohl (producer/mixer for ANTHRAX, ILL NINO, SMILE EMPTY SOUL, JESSE MALIN, 36 CRAZYFISTS and more), has inked a deal with FrostByte Media. The group’s debut album, “Spreading My Wings”, will be released on August 28.

Of “Spreading My Wings”, Scallions commented, “This is a record filled with all emotions, songs that fall back and forth from major to minor. I love that it’s a heavy record with sing-a-long melodies. You don’t hear that too much in this style of music.”

Originally conceived as a songwriting vehicle for delivering world-class hard rock songs to other artists, WORLD FIRE BRIGADE evolved into its own group when it became clear that their powerful material was meant to be performed by Scallions, Danielsen and Wohl themselves. Ken Schalk (FUEL, CANDIRIA) provides all the drums on “Spreading My Wings” and the album also features guest appearances by PEARL JAM‘s Mike McCready, ANTHRAX‘s Rob Caggiano, and Andy Andersson (FUEL, BLACK ROBOT).

WORLD FIRE BRIGADE is: Brett Scallions (vocals), Sean Danielsen (vocals/lead guitar) and Eddie Wohl (keyboards).

“Spreading My Wings” track listing:

01. The End Of Silence
02. Spreading My Wings
03. All You Know
04. Weight Of The World
05. Shell Of Me (featuring Mike McCready)
06. Fly
07. Don’t Walk Away
08. Take Me Away (featuring Rob Caggiano)
09. Shot Down
10. All My Demands
11. The Beginning Of Madness
12. Never Saw The Wall (featuring Rob Caggiano)
13. Free And Sane (featuring Andy Andersson)
14. One