PHIL LYNOTT-Themed Pageant To Be Held In Dublin In August

It’s not often that a Lord Mayor actively supports the rock community, but in Dublin, Ireland, that’s exactly what’s happening! Dublin city council is working with local street arts group MaSamba, to create a new pageant for Dublin city — “The Boys Are Back In Town”.

“The Boys Are Back In Town” is based on the life and work of Phil Lynott and THIN LIZZY, and will take the form of a street pageant through the center of Dublin.

This year is a big year for all things THIN LIZZY, and in tough financial times, it is heartening to see the local authority backing a project honoring a Dublin icon, and a great band.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Gerry Breen says: “I am very happy to be supporting this gig which will commemorate one of Dublin’s favorite musicians. I encourage the people of Dublin to come to Grafton Street on 20th August to support MaSamba and remember Phil Lynott and THIN LIZZY.”

“25 year after his death, Phil Lynott still holds a special place in the hearts of Dubliners, and we are delighted to have this opportunity to honor him and his work on the very streets where Phil once busked, as a struggling musician,” enthused Simeon Smith, MaSamba‘s Creative Director.

MaSamba has chosen some of the better-known THIN LIZZY songs, and designed costumes and choreography to represent them. For example, a group of Celtic warriors will perform the song “Emerald”, and have a group of stylized heavy metal fans will represent the song “The Rocker”, complete with leather jackets, patches and electric guitars! These costumes are currently been produced especially for the project in Sao Paulo, Brasil, and will bring the color and exuberance of Brazilian Carnival to the streets of Dublin.

In terms of performers, this pageant will be a collaboration of several partners. The musicians will be MaSamba members but the dancers will come from a range of different places. Firstly, the organizers will continue their long-standing partnership with the Brazilian community in Dublin, under the direction of main dancer Kelly Baldonado. They will also be working with young people from the Smithfield and Darndale areas of Dublin, through the local youth services and some excellent dance and drama facilitators.

While the offer of funding from Dublin city council is seen as a huge vote of confidence, and support for one of Dublin’s best known sons, MaSamba still needs considerable funding to complete this ambitious project. They will be placing the project on the innovative Fund:it web site in coming days in the hopes of getting public support to make “The Boys Are Back In Town” a truly memorable event.

The performance is set to take place on Phil Lynott‘s birthday, which is Saturday, August 20. The event will set out from South King Street, outside the Gaiety Theatre, parade down and back up Grafton Street, finishing at the Phil Lynott statue.