PIGEON TOE: ‘The First Perception’ Title Track Available For Streaming

PIGEON TOE, the German progressive rock band featuring TRIPTYKON drummer Norman Lonhard, will release its debut album, “The First Perception”, on April 24 in North America, April 27 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and April 30 in the rest of Europe via Lifeforce Records.

“The First Perception” track listing:

01. The Awakening
02. The First Perception
03. The Chase
04. Sneak
05. The Cave
06. The Man With The Cat
07. A Broken Man
08. Second Try
09. The Crooked Path
10. The Wizard Pt. 1
11. The Wizard Pt. 2
12. The Flashback

The title track is now available for streaming below.

Brothers Martin Fischer and Hans Fischer, who were previously in such bands as FEAR MY THOUGHTS, BACKSLIDE and MONGOUSE, got the idea to form a new project in 2008. After coming up with several rough song ideas, they asked their then-FEAR MY THOUGHTS bandmate Lonhard to sit behin the kit for the new group. A short time later, bassist Ben Krahl (FINAL KINGS) joined the fold, to be followed by Patrick Hagmann on third guitar and synths.

PIGEON TOE played several shows in 2010 and 2011 with such acts as KARNIVOOL and LONG DISTANCE CALLING, whom they supported on their “Into The Black Wide Open” tour through Germany and Switzerland.


Martin Fischer (Marsn) – Guitar/Vocals
Hans Fischer (Hanson) – Guitar/Vocals
Norman Lonhard – Drums
Patrick Hagmann – Guitar/Synths
Ben Krahl – Bass