PILGRIM, the three-piece doom metal band from Rhode Island, has inked a deal with Poison Tongue Records, the label of vocalist Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill of Irish pagan metal masters PRIMORDIAL. PILGRIM‘s debut album, “Misery Wizard”, will be released in Europe on January 30, 2012 through Poison Tongue‘s distribution deal with Metal Blade Records.

Comments PILGRIM: “Working with Alan was an honor and a pleasure. He invested a lot of his personal time and energy into making this record happen, despite us being separated by an ocean. He’s a wealth of knowledge regarding metal music and its industry, a perfect mentor for a band of young musicians like ourselves.”

“Misery Wizard” track listing:

01. Astaroth
02. Misery Wizard
03. Quest
04. Masters of the Sky
05. Adventurer
06. Forsaken Man


The Wizard – Guitar, Vocals
Count Elric The Soothsayer – Bass
Krolg, The Slayer Of Man – Drums

With a mix of destruction, misery and beauty, PILGRIM blends a surprisingly original sword and sorcery feel with the classic chest-caving heaviness of the masters, BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS, REVEREND BIZARRE and PENTAGRAM. Their thick walls of majestically darkened guitar, massive booming bass, and dangerously powerful yet calculated drumming lull listeners into an intense dream-like trance, abducting them to places they never knew were dwelling within their own minds.

Commented PILGRIM: “‘Misery Wizard’ is a sonic journey through a strange and mystical legend. Hidden within are the twisted tales of the evil demons, ancient aliens and powerful sorcerers that once inhabited the dark realms of our fable. We wanted to make a record that harnessed the foreboding sounds of classic doom metal and mesh it with our tales of high-fantasy.

“We’re influenced by dark, heavy music — BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS, REVEREND BIZARRE, DARKTHRONE, BURZUM and the like. Unlike a lot of modern musicians, we wanted to pay tribute to these bands without BEING them, so to speak. I think originality and individuality is a staple of this record. No two songs are too similar. Each is a unique gem revealing an unsung tale of old. Each song is a portal into a different scene of the overarching mythos that is PILGRIM.”

Formed in early 2010, PILGRIM is a sonic documentation of the friendship of three young men inspired and awe-stricken by the dark sounds of traditional doom metal.

“Astaroth” audio stream:


Pilgrim “Astaroth” by Metal Blade Records