Fort Worth, Texas- based duo PINKISH BLACK has inked a deal with Century Media Records. The band is currently touring and working on a new record, expected to be recorded by the end of the year.

PINKISH BLACK consists of Jon Teague on drums and Daron Beck on vocals/synthesizer. They are the continuation of THE GREAT TYRANT, a three-piece that released one LP posthumously following the passing of their bass player, Tommy Atkins. THE GREAT TYRANT was on its way to redefining what heavy music was. When Atkins died, the only changes were the name and how to achieve this as a two-piece, the latter being no small feat.
PINKISH BLACK‘s last, self-titled album, released on Handmade Birds, featured seven tracks of dark, intense and, at times, haunting songs. As one of the heaviest bands of late to feature no stringed instruments, PINKISH BLACK uses aura and emotions to attain what other bands (and a lot of Orange amps and down-tuned guitars) fail to do.

“We’re excited at the possibilities that working with Century Media presents to us, and that lots of touring and recording will follow,” said PINKISH BLACK in a statement.


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