PITCHBLACK Frontman Explains ‘You’re F**king Below Me’ Video

“You’re Fucking Below Me”, the new video from Danish modern “melodeath thrashers” PITCHBLACK, can be viewed below. The clip is said to be have the same visual outline as the cover for the band’s sophomore album, “The Devilty”, which was banned by a German distributor.

“In the video you see an orthodox Jew, an Islamic and a Nazi being killed during a PITCHBLACK concert,” says singer Daniel Fonseca about the clip’s symbolism. “We have chosen some of the persons that we sing about on the record, trying to show how stupid mankind is behaving. And we’re not to trying to be holy, so I — the singer — am killed as well. The crowd in the video wears white masks which symbolizes that we are all equal no matter skin color, religion and so forth. The stupidity which we see all over the world every day and where some people think they are superior to others and even want to kill other persons seems never-ending. PITCHBLACK want to erase the prejudices — with bloody hands — to stress out our point. As a band, we do not think that violence is the solution to the evilness in the world — that’s why the singer is also slaughtered in the video. We don’t give the solution for world peace — we just describe it and say that violence is not the solution.”

“The Devilty” was released in February via the Danish label Mighty Music, which is a part of Target Records. The CD was recorded at guitarist Thomas “Pede” Pedersen‘s Earplug Studio in Copenhagen and was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, SICK OF IT ALL, MNEMIC, HEAVEN SHALL BURN). The album features a guest appearance on lead guitar by Hank Shermann of MERCYFUL FATE. The bloody photo artwork was created by professional crime photographer Johnny Frederiksen who spent 17 years at the Danish most controversial tabloid Ekstra Bladet.

PITCHBLACK‘s debut album, “Designed to Dislike”, was released in Denmark on August 13, 2007 via Target Distribution. The CD was produced by Steen Mogensen (CORNERSTONE, ex-ROYAL HUNT).

Formed in late 2002, PITCHBLACK released two demo tapes prior to recording its debut album: 2003’s “No Sympathy Left” and 2004’s “PitchBlack Promo 2004”.

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