POISON Drummer Discusses Upcoming Reality Show

Rikki Rockett, drummer of multiplatinum rock band POISON, is out to prove that “drums do come true” on his new reality show, “American Drums”.

For nearly a decade, Rockett has been building custom drum kits for clients ranging from modern-day legends of rock, to future rockers-in-training. He and his rag tag gang of misfit staffers at Rockett Drum Works not only create some of the most jaw-dropping ultra-custom kits in the world, but are the only drum-kit makers who can boast 100% American-made product.

On “American Drums”, Rockett gives viewers an all-access pass into the gritty world of rock and roll craftsmen — from his oddball staff and their hard-to-impress clientele to the high-tech drum designs themselves.

“Right now, we have a couple of different, what are called sizzle reels, that we are in the process of pitching,” Rockett tells AOL‘s Noisecreep. “These are like demo versions of the show. We’re working with Triage Entertainment, who are an awesome company and totally understand what we’re trying to do.”

He adds: “This all came about when my friend Dan Masek from the E! channel spend some time with us watching us build drums. He told me, ‘People would love to be a fly on the wall for all of this. To experience you, your team of builders in your customers is something people really need to see.’ I told him great, I just didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t real. I didn’t want to stage things. We are what we are and that’s why want the show to be.”

Asked what makes the environment and his company so unique, Rockett says: “I think what’s most interesting is that we are a truly custom shop. Our customers run the gamut from guys like Steven Adler [GUNS N’ ROSES] to a doctor in Ohio. It’s all over the map. Designing and building drum sets for somebody is a really important mission because it defines so much of who when what they are on stage. To me, drums of the most important thing up there so we work harder than anybody to make sure our customer gets a custom set that really is tailored to their personality.”

Among the drummers playing Rockett Drum Works kits are former SKID ROW/SAIGON KICK drummer Phil Varone, ex-GUNS N’ ROSES drummer Steven Adler , Jamie Follese from the new emo band HOT CHELE RAE on Jive Records, and Troy Patrick Farrell from WHITE LION.

Started by Rockett in 2005, Rockett Drum Works constructs drums built at the company’s facility in Southern California by drummers. The company states, “All of the Rockett Drum Works staff are caring, highly skilled drummers and craftsman. We play what we build and we stand by what we build. Our goal is to offer something special to the player who wants something other than the typical ‘off-the-rack’ drums. Something that makes a statement. Something that reflects you, the player. No matter if you are a rock, punk, jazz or a country artist, Rockett Drum Works has drums that will match your playing style.



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