Power Theory Announce Artist for Forthcoming Release

Power Theory is honored to announce they have commissioned world renown artist, Eliran Kantor (Testament, Atheist, Sodom, Gwar) http://www.elirankantor.com/, to create the cover artwork for the forthcoming full length second release, “An Axe to Grind”.

“Eliran has been so cool to work with so far, and even before I discussed a possible concept he was more interested in listening to us and seeing what we are all about, and he’s a Metal Fan too who likes and understands the band”, said Bob Ballinger. “He has not tried to hard sell us some existing pieces without input from the band like other artists we have worked with in the past have, he’s more interested and creating a concept based on the albums songs and lyrics, and that is exactly what we’ve desired”.

The artwork should be completed by September 2011, and the band is deciding how and when to reveal it to the Metal World!