PRESTO BALLET: New Drummer Announced

PRESTO BALLET, the progressive rock band featuring former METAL CHURCH members Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar) and Ronny Munroe (vocals), has announced the addition of drummer Larry Crowe to the group’s ranks.

PRESTO BALLET released a new EP, “Love What You’ve Done With The Place”, on July 2. It was made available for download on iTunes and other major online sites, but if you want a CD that includes a bonus track, it is only available on the group’s official web site.

“Love What You’ve Done With The Place” track listing:

01. King Of The Stars
02. The Clock
03. A Distant Heart
04. Deep Dark Blue
05. Looking Glass
06. The Faith Healer (THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND cover) (bonus track; only available on CD)

PRESTO BALLET parted ways with drummer Jeffrey McCormack earlier in the year because he couldn’t commit enough of his time and effort to us,” according to the band’s bassist, Bobby Ferkovich.

PRESTO BALLET released its latest album, “Invisible Places”, on February 4, 2011 via SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution.

PRESTO BALLET‘s current lineup consists of Vanderhoof, Munroe, keyboardist Kerry Shacklett, Ferkovich and Crowe.

PRESTO BALLET‘s music was previously described as “highly reminiscent of ’70s prog rock, as the band was founded chiefly as a tribute to classic progressive bands such as YES and KANSAS.”


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