PRIMAL FEAR To Release ‘Bad Guys Wear Black’ Single And Video In December

“Bad Guys Wear Black”, the new single and video from German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR, will be released on December 5. In addition to the title track, the digital single will include “single edit” of the song “Metal Nation”.

“Bad Guys Wear Black” comes off PRIMAL FEAR‘s new album, “Unbreakable”, which will be released on January 24, 2012 in the U.S., three days later in Germany and January 27 in the rest of the world via Frontiers Records. The CD was tracked at House Of Music studios in Winterbach, Germany with producer/bassist Mat Sinner and engineer Achim Köhler (EDGUY, MASTERPLAN).

“Unbreakable” will feature the following songs:

* Blaze Of Glory
* Marching Again
* And There Was Silence
* Night Of The Jumps
* Give ‘Em Hell
* Born Again
* Where Angels Die
* Bad Guys Wear Black
* Strike
* Metal Nation
* Conviction
* Raise Some Hell

The “Bad Guys Wear Black” video was shot at an “amazing” location in Nürnberg, Germany.

Regarding the musical direction of the new PRIMAL FEAR album, vocalist Ralf Scheepers told Greece’s Rock Overdose, “You can really expect an album which is somehow skipping back again to the very basics of PRIMAL FEAR, with very rough metal riffs and screaming vocals and good melodies on it. So people can really expect a pure PRIMAL FEAR album with melody and beating drums and very harsh guitars.”

He added, “Of course, every musician will somehow advertise his own album, but I’m really convinced that people will like this one, because it’s got very catchy hooklines and it’s a really ‘bang-your-head’ metal album.

“When you look back on the [PRIMAL FEAR] back catalog, from the very first album to this album now, I think there were quite some changes — on ‘Seven Seals’, for instance, and also when we came [out with] ‘New Religion’. We somehow now have a combination in between a good, bombastic sound with more back-to-the-basics guitar riffing stuff. Also we have two ballads on it, which are not [really] ballads. There’s one mid-tempo song with some acoustic guitars in it and one song which has a little bit more keyboards. It’s still not an acoustic-guitar ballad— it’s still with drums and stuff — so I think it’s a pretty tough album [overall].”

PRIMAL FEAR recently asked fans to submit suggestions for the new CD title and received more than 500 responses.