PRIMORDIAL: New Video Interview With ALAN ‘NEMTHEANGA’ AVERILL webzine conducted an interview with vocalist Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill of Irish pagan metal masters PRIMORDIAL when the band played at the Metalfest festival in Austria on May 29. You can now watch the chat below.

PRIMORDIAL‘s new album, “Redemption At The Puritan’s Hand”, registered the following chart positions:

Finland: #23
Germany: #31
Sweden: #54
Switzerland: #90

Commented Averill: “What goes around comes around, my friends. You can’t keep a good band down, whatever the cliché might be!

“The industry may have changed vastly even since we released ‘To The Nameless Dead’, but for a band like PRIMORDIAL that resolutely goes against the grain without compromise charting at #31 [in Germany] is still a remarkable achievement so thanks to everyone who has supported the band through thick and thin over the last 20 years and to Metal Blade for their part in our gradual ascent since the release of ‘The Gathering Wilderness’.

“Coming from such an underdog nation as Ireland this is also a fantastic moment. We have had to work several times as hard as others to get to this point, but no harm, it has given us character and the willpower to keep going regardless of what’s thrown at us. So cheers and have a drink on us.”