PRONG Mainman Gets Signature Guitar From SCHECTER

PRONG frontman Tommy Victor has unveiled his brand new signature guitar model from Schecter Guitar Research. Tommy will showing off his new guitar at a signing at this year’s NAMM show on Friday, January 25 at 1:00 p.m. in room 210. PRONG will then take to the stage Saturday, January 26 at The Grove in Anaheim, California alongside EXODUS, Jeff Loomis and Chris Poland.

Victor commented on his new signature model guitar: “I am so happy to finally have my own signature model being released! And to have it done through Schecter is an honor and a highlight in my career. We put our minds together to design an intense model that we know guitar players and collectors of all sorts are going to appreciate. I’m personally impressed with the outcome. It’s amazing!”

He added: “To help celebrate Schecter‘s dominance in new designs and innovation and quality all around, along with the release of the Tommy Victor signature model, PRONG will be supporting EXODUS at the Schecter NAMM party Saturday, January 26th at the Grove in Anaheim. Also performing is my old friend Chris Poland and his band OHM, and one of the world’s top shredders Jeff Loomis. The incredible Gary Holt with the rest of us will be doing a signing at the new upstairs Schecter booth at NAMM. See you at NAMM!”