Cult thrash band PROTECTOR has reformed and is writing new material. The group’s new incarnation features vocalist Martin Missy — who sang on PROTECTOR‘s first two albums, 1988’s “Golem” and 1989’s “Urm The Mad” — alongside Swedish musicians Matte Johansson (bass/vocals; SUICIDAL WINDS), Micke Carlsson (guitar; MASTEMA) and Carl G. Karlsson (drums; also GRIEF OF EMERALD, MASTEMA).

PROTECTOR‘s current lineup has spent the last five years playing gigs in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Czech Republic, Italy and Germany as MARTIN MISSY AND THE PROTECTORS.

On October 8, MARTIN MISSY AND THE PROTECTORS announced at the Way Of Darkness festival that it will continue under the name PROTECTOR. At the same event, a four-song rehearsal demo, “The Return Of Thrash And Madness”, was released and one of the tracks (“Road Rage”) was performed live. The same song can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

Commented Martin: “In the beginning I didn’t want to take the big step of reactivating PROTECTOR. That’s why we formed the cover band THE PROTECTORS. But after a long consideration and thought, we finally decided to awaken PROTECTOR again.”