PUMP: New Song Available For Streaming

“Death Of Me”, a brand new song from German heavy rockers PUMP — who feature in their ranks ex-BRAINSTORM singer Marcus Jürgens — can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below. The track comes off the band’s fourth album, “Waiting For The Rapture”, which will be released later this year. The CD is currently being mixed with Axel Heckert at Studio 22 (BRAINSTORM, SYMPHORCE).

PUMP was formed in February 2002 by a group of talented, hard-working musicians. Tired of being told what type of music they should play, PUMP decided to go against the pervasive grunge/nu-metal grain to write the hard rock music they love in the vein of SKID ROW, TESLA, WHITESNAKE, AEROSMITH and DOKKEN.

The guitar team of Marcel “Selly” Bernhardt and Aki Reissmann each bring his own unique guitar style to this hard-driving mix: bluesy, yet melodic with a heavy twist. Bassist Michael Vetter and drummer Andreas Minich provide the solid, rhythmic foundation on which the music is built.

PUMP consists of the following musicians:

* Marcus Jürgens (BRAINSTORM, KASHMYR) – Vocals
* Marcel “Selly” Bernhardt (TALES OF SORROW, UNFROYND) – Guitar
* Axel “Aki” Reissmann (DOWNSPIRIT, HAZY SHADE) – Guitar
* Andreas Minich (UNFROYND) – Drums



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