PYURIA To Release ‘Incarnadine Revelry’ Next Month

Finnish death metallers PYURIA wll release their third album, “Incarnadine Revelry”, on June 13 via Violent Journey Records. The CD was recorded by Henri Virsell and features the following track listing:

01. Immolate
02. Eradicate The Parasites
03. Flesh Grotesque
04. Skeletonized
05. I Am Pain
06. The Enemy
07. Incarnadine Revelry
08. The Dead Will Devour Us All

Formed in 1996 and playing “sick and groovy” death metal, PYURIA was joined by original TORTURE KILLER vocalist Matti Liuke to forge yet another brutal piece of psychopathic murder music.

PYURIA‘s second album, “ubliette Ontology”, was released in 2007.


Matti Liuke – Vocals
Antti Kauri – Bass
Tuukka Franck – Drums
Oskari Mäki – Guitar
Ville Lahtivirta – Guitar