QUEEN: ’40 Years Of Queen’ Multi-Touch Electronic Edition Out Now

Following on from the phenomenal success of the book release last year, “40 Years Of Queen” is being released as a stunning enhanced ebook.

Built using Apple iBooks Author, this will delight QUEEN fans and anyone with an iPad.

This is QUEEN‘s and Carlton Digital‘s first ebook, and the most advanced music ebook on the market. It features new audio forewords by Brian May and Roger Taylor.

“Now, technology is causing us to rethink once again and rediscover what a book really is and what it has the potential to be,” says Brian May. “I think this is a great advert for what ebooks may be like in the future. It looks great, reads well and you can play with it for hours… We hope you enjoy the ebook as much as we do.”

“I’ve got to say I’m incredibly impressed with the transition of the book from hard copy to ebook; a whole new world and a lot more portable!” adds Taylor. “To be honest, I’ve found myself quite immersed in it, with all its interactive content — it does add a whole new dimension to the book experience. All in all, a great way to explore the fabulous and wonderful world that is QUEEN!”

Using the latest technology, Goodman Books bring you the ultimate QUEEN book — in electronic form. This fully interactive enhanced ebook takes you as close to the band as you can get — without leaving your chair! Dynamic photo galleries, multi-touch control, QUEEN‘s music and reproductions of memorabilia make this project incredibly unique.

“40 Years Of Queen” is much more than just a port of the original book, this augmented edition adds many new touches and has been specifically designed ground-up for the iPad. Navigate easily through every aspect of QUEEN with this interactive product, which takes full advantage of the iPad and its most up-to-date technology. It was created using Apple iBooks Author, which is fast becoming the industry standard.

The book contains biographies of each band member, including dynamic photo galleries, handwritten lyrics and audio quotes. The full story of the legendary rock band is presented in an imaginative and thrilling way. Readers are able to seamlessly purchase QUEEN iTunes products without leaving the page. Other enhanced ebooks like this require you to stop using iBooks Reader and go into iTunes separately — this is the only product where you simply hit a button and the relevant iTunes page pops up in front of you! Other interactive extras include a solvable electronic jigsaw puzzle, zoomable photographs, multi-image galleries, animations to show off vinyl inside and out, hotlinks for simple navigation, and even photographs of mud-wrestling women!

The ebook is available worldwide, only in English.

Click here to download now.



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