QUEENSRŸCHE Drummer Attends ‘Battleship’ Recording Session

QUEENSRŸCHE drummer Scott Rockenfield was recently invited to the 20th Century Fox film studios in Los Angeles to meet with film composer Steve Jablonsky (all three “Transformers” films) and attend his orchestral recording sessions for the new blockbuster film “Battleship”.

Says Rockenfield: “Jablonsky has been a longtime QUEENSRŸCHE fan and we had a great time meeting and discussing our work. He is an amazing talented individual and I have been a HUGE fan of his work for many years! I was honored to be personally invited. Also at the session was legendary recording mixer/engineer Alan Meyerson (‘Gladiator’, ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’, ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’). Alan is also a big QUEENSRŸCHE fan! I was then invited to stay an extra day and visit them both at composer Hans Zimmer‘s Remote Control studios. I met with the entire staff and hung out for the mixing sessions for the ‘Battleship’ movie. Great people and an inspiring invitation!”

Scott first started composing music for film and television in the late ’80s during his time spent with Michael Kamen. During that time, Kamen asked Scott to work on some additional drums and percussion for the 1993 film “Last Action Hero”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This began Scott‘s exciting new journey scoring music for film and television. After only a few years in the specialty, Scott received a coveted Grammy Award nomination for “Best Original Music” for the animated feature film “Televoid” in 1998. Scott has done a variety of projects since then, including the additional music and all live drums for the immensely popular video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops”. Released in November 2010, the game set a new five-day sales record with an estimated take of approximately $650 million worldwide. Just prior to his involvement with “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, Scott did the orchestrated and electronic score for the horror flick “Albino Farm”, released in September of 2009.