QUEENSRŸCHE Members To Perform With Tribute Band In Arizona

Guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson of Seattle progressive rockers QUEENSRŸCHE will make a guest appearance with Arizona’s very own QUEENSRŸCHE tribute band THE RŸCHE on May 19 at 910 Live in Tempe, Arizona. Michael will also appear at two different Total Wine More stores in the West and East Valley on May 19 in support of his Whip Ale beer.

THE RŸCHEthe amazing sound of QUEENSRŸCHE and covers all of the amazing heart-pounding songs from their epic albums. Complete with a video storyline and a flawless recreation of amazing metal hits from one of the greatest bands in rock history, THE RŸCHE is not just a tribute, but a recreation dedicated to paying homage to QUEENSRŸCHE. Imagine going back in time to see one of the greatest progressive metal bands in history. The lights dim and the show starts, sounds from QUEENSRŸCHE‘s greatest albums creep from the speakers. Five musicians take the stage and in the shadows of the fog machines comes the most amazing dual lead guitars and drum crashes from one of the greatest drummers. That oh-so-recognizable bass line for “Queen Of The Reich” starts and in a long duster that you recognize as an iconic symbol, comes an an amazing vocalist, recreating the early years of QUEENSRŸCHE. This is the only QUEENSRŸCHE experience… This is THE RŸCHE.