‘Quick Licks Van Halen Vol. 2’ DVD Available

LickLibrary has launched the “Quick Licks Van Halen Vol. 2” DVD, featuring more than thirty guitar licks in the style of superstar guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Following the success of “Quick Licks Van Halen Vol. 1”, this new guitar tuition DVD brings you a whole arsenal of new licks in a series of professional guitar lessons beautifully explained by popular tutor Jamie Humphries.

“Quick Licks Van Halen Vol. 2” features guitar lessons with all the techniques you’d expect on a Van Halen DVD, such as tapped harmonics, tremolo picking, whammy bar dive bombs and much, much more. Included on this DVD is a solo in the style of Eddie Van Halen that uses a range of Eddie‘s trademark licks, which you can learn and then practice along with the backing track included.

iGuitar columnist and U.K. session player extraordinaire Jamie Humphries talks you through all the lessons, breaking the concepts down easily understandable chunks. And at the same time you will be able to clearly see what both his hands do on the fret board and strumming with the all-important LickLibrary split screen presentation.


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