RATT Singer Says Songwriting Process For New Album Is ‘Coming Along Amazing’

Jesse Capps of RockConfidential.com recently conducted an interview with RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

RockConfidential.com: I know you’ve been working on your new solo album, “Sucker Punch”, and a few other projects, but it almost seems like 2011 was a year to kinda chill out a little.

Pearcy: When I started recording “Sucker Punch”, I decided I was going to take my time and not gonna push to get it out at any particular time. I didn’t want any pressure when it came to when it would be released. I did release three sample singles and did a video but the real deal is going to be finished soon enough. I still have yet to record a few songs and solos, but all of a sudden we moved into writing the new RATT record. It’s interesting because some of the songs I wanted on my solo record were actually written for the new RATT record. Warren [DeMartini, guitar] and I are actually in writing mode for the new RATT record right now. It’s coming along amazing, actually. We’ve got some great stuff on the table right now. This new RATT record is gonna be strong. I’m glad I waited with these songs. “Sucker Punch” will be out way before the RATT record as not to interfere.

RockConfidential.com: Did you ever have doubts there would be a new RATT record this year?

Pearcy: I’m always writing anyway, but some of those songs were going to be presented for the RATT record. I thought we were gonna get into it sooner so I thought, “Fuck it, I’ll just start a solo record,” to keep busy. It’s been a few years since the last solo record. I just like to keep up on the writing. Some of the songs I had ready for the solo record will end up for the new RATT, which is great. That’s what I was writing them for in the first place. There’s this feeling when RATT gets rolling. We know when it’s time. I’m glad we started writing when we did. A few days ago Warren had this idea. He started playing a riff right outta the box. What the hell is that!? He said it was something he quickly recorded before he really woke up. He had a thought for this riff and had to put it down. I grabbed it and we started building a song around it and it’s amazing. It made the hair stand up on the back of my arms. Holy shit!

RockConfidential.com: Has the entire band got together for a writing session yet or how do you guys do that?

Pearcy: We just decided that Warren and I would set the foundation for what we want to present. We literally went back to basics. We found a small room, got the acoustic guitars and the cassette decks. It’s the same format we wrote “Out Of The Cellar” with. We don’t need Pro Tools and drum machines. We don’t need the big studio yet, although it’s right next door. You never know when it’s the final lap, ya know? We really want this thing to stand up on its own. [RATT‘s 2010 album] “Infestation” was great but we didn’t quite hit it. This time we want to make sure we hit it right on the mark.

RockConfidential.com: What do you think held you back on “Infestation”?

Pearcy: There were just so many ideas coming from all over the place, from everybody in the group, right away. Then we went into pre-production almost immediately. Songs were just comin’ at us. Some songs didn’t get recorded that should have and some songs didn’t get developed the way they should’ve been. This time we’re making sure the “t”s are crossed and the “I”s are dotted.

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